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To my gallery of original photos , photo art and do it yourself calendars from the State of Jefferson (Southern Oregon and Northern California).
   Black and White

Offered as digital copies, unframed  prints, limited edition and one of a kind do it yourself calendars. Framed prints available as special order.




As a child I watched my father, a recognized member of the Hudson River School of painting, mix his pallet to bring out the light in his landscapes. I'm not satisfied to simply snap a great shot. Digital photography and increasingly more advanced editing software and techniques have given me a light pallet of my own.

I have always considered myself a bit of a poet and have incorporated that discipline of economy into my photography. An early infatuation with Zen philosophy is also reflected in my work. At best the controllable elements of each photo blend into a haiku or short poem. A condensed moment of time and emotion.

There's no cut and paste in these shots. They are as shot. I just tweak the light and color to bring out the depth I see.

The work I'm doing in ice is an effort to step into solidifying light in the way the water was worked by time, momentum and temperature.

Please enjoy my work.

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